Name: Skeamer

Based: London

Group: Official Junction Boys

Social Media:  Twitter: @SkeamerOJB   Instagram:@Skeamkris22shots


Skeamer considers himself a young man who uses the genre of “drill rap” music to articulate the things he has done and seen through out his life growing up in the hardships of south west London. Skeamer’s music is particularly influenced by his experiences of prison from a young age and also the deaths of his close friends. On the flip side Skeamer embraces these hardships he endured and notes that this is where the foundations of his unbreakable social bonds were forged. 

Skeamer originally started out playing football which is still a big passion of his till this day. As a youth he played for Millwall F.C. but was later on released due to problems in his personal life. Growing up in the notorious Winstanley estate in Clapham junction, Skeamer witnessed the rise of the So Solid crew which inspired him to create music of his own. After trying his hand at formulating his own raps, Skeamer soon realised he was a natural at grabbing the audiences attention. Encouraged by his friends to pursue music, Skeamer grabbed the local spotlight within battersea and now hopes to make his friends and family proud by doing so and emulating the success of those before him.

“I feel as though my the lyrics of my verses paint pictures that people from where I'm from can relate to and also gives people who are not from my world and insight into another walk of life. However the energy from my flows and delivery bring’s the listeners to life and even if you can’t dance you wanna move your feet. More than anything i think my music delivers that feel good factor”

Below are links to video’s released via the youtube platform where Skeamer has featured and their stats at current date and time of 22/08/2016 03:31pm:

Skeamer x Skore Beezy x M Dargg x Rendo - Really Do Road [Music Video] | Link Up TV
Published on Jun 5, 2016

Skeamer - Can't Trust A Soul [Music Video] @SkeamerOJB
Published on Mar 27, 2016