Name : Skore Beezy

Based : London

Camp: Ojb (Our Journeys Begun)

Social Media : Twitter: Skorebeezy Instagram: Sk0rebeezy

Skore considers himself as an artist with a wide range of versatility in the rap genre.

''If I was to tell the honest truth I fell in love with music from a very young age but didn’t think of myself becoming an artist until my late teens. I started writing rap lyrics just messing around with friends but they encouraged me to continue writing. I later ended up falling into bad situations and continued writing and my story became a lot more passionate and heartfelt. I feel I have a lot to offer in this music industry and I feel that I am learning everyday and getting better at my craft”

Skore Beezy - Cold Winter (Music Video) | @SkoreGoodfellaz | Link Up TV
Published on Apr 20, 2015

Skore Beezy - Pray For Em All [Music Video] @SkoreBeezy
Published on Mar 23, 2016

Skeamer x Skore Beezy x M Dargg x Rendo - Really Do Road [Music Video] | Link Up TV
Published on Jun 5, 2016

Skore Beezy - Time To Get Work
Published on Mar 3, 2015