Name: Fatch Da Rapper aka Sachmo Quain

Based London

Camp: Good Music Conquers All (G.M.C.A)

Social Media:  Twitter: @fatchdarapper   Instagram:@fatchdarapper


Fatch considers himself as a very diverse artist, he’s a singer, rapper poet and an actor from south west London.

“I think I'm a very musically diverse person. Growing up with a dad who was a D.J gave me a insight into a large variety of music from an early age. Also due to the many different experiences I’ve had in my life I think I'm able to paint vivid pictures and true pictures with my words as I’m often speaking from experience. Being in many different surroundings from going to prison, to being in shows with companies such as ‘The Old Vic theatre company’ or taking trips with charities to Kenya. This has all played a part in moulding me into the Artist I am today. Fusing different styles, rhythm’s, genres and sounds, I am a lover of music. I can write hard hitting rhymes about the streets/urban society and prison or I can write a love song. I feel as though my capabilities as an artist are endless because I’m always learning always experiencing and always growing and trying to incorporate everything new and old into my music.”

Below is a link to a few video’s released via youtube platform where Fatch has featured and their stats at current date and time of 02/01/2016 03:31pm:

Fatch Warp speed [Music Video] released via | Link Up TV on 14/12/2015 current views 5,771 with 185 likes


Fatch Mayhem [Music Video] released via | Link Up TV on 07/12/2015 current views 7,528 with 251 likes


Fatch Ft. Kyze - Bun Dat [Music Video] released via | Link Up TV on 26/11/2015 current views 10,386 with 321 likes



BAD1 [Music Video] released via | Link Up TV on 06/12/2015 current views 6,226 with 253 likes


Fatch MAD1 [Music Video] released via | Link Up TV on 04/11/2015 current views 12,260 with 377 likes


Fatch The Big Link Up [Music Video] released via | Link Up TV on 17/05/2015 current views 11,613 with 311 likes


Fatch has also been featured on 2 rap cypher by LINKUP TV

First one being The Big Link Up 2015 | Blittz, Big Tobz, Kemo, Scammy, Realz, Skore, Fatch, Shower Malik, which is currently on 200.229 views with 1541 likes

Secondly #8BarLinkUp | LD, Cadet, Young Tribez, Ms. Banks, Big Tobz, Blittz, Yung Reeks, TE, Bully, Fatch, which is currently on 192,047 views and 2279 likes


Over the 10 monthsFatch has accumulated over 53,700 views independently on youtube platform LINK UP TV, inclusive of cypher features the number is close to 450,000 views!!!

Fatch has also had a very active soundcloud page over the last 10 months.